The Chamber of Deputies suspended the meeting scheduled to debate the general prosecutor's request to authorize investigations in the Zambaccian 1 case, in which PM Adrian Nastase is investigated for bribe tacking. The meeting was suspended before the Deputies were able to reach a solution due to lack of quorum.


Monday, after three hours of intense debate, the Permanent Office of the Chamber decided that deputies should debate and vote on whether PM Adrian Nastase should be investigated or not, on Tuesday, at 11:30 am.

The main debate on Tuesday was centered on whether to debate the new report set up by the regulatory committee at the proposal of the Social Democrats or to debate the request of the general prosecutor, who sent an official letter urging the Chamber of Deputies to recast a vote and decide the status of PM Adrian Nastase's case, at the proposal of the Democrat Liberals.

After the meeting started, deputies realized that the decision draft with Romania's General Prosecutor Laura Codruta Kovesi proposal was not typed which lead to the suspension of the meeting for one hour. When the deputies assembled again, only the request put forward by Covesi was read and the report of the regulation's committee was ignored. The report concludes that Kovesi's request is not legally grounded and thus should be dismissed.

PM Adrian Nastase declared that Kovesi's request is not constitutional and stressed that the general prosecutor should know better that she cannot request the Parliament to retroactively apply a Constitutional Court decision. He added that a serious Justice minister would dismiss Kovesi. Moreover, he did not miss the opportunity to declare that the Chamber of Deputy Speaker's struggle to find a solution is useless, and not even her party, the Democrat Liberals can understand it.

Dissatisfied that the regulations committee report was ignored, around 2 pm the Social Democrats, Hungarian Democrats and Liberal deputies left the meeting and accused the Chamber's Speaker, Roberta Anastase of breaching the regulations of the Chamber. Thus, the meeting was suspended due to lack of quorum.

Romania's general prosecutor Laura Codruta Kovesi requested, in a letter sent to the Chamber of Deputies on May 18, a new vote on Adrian Nastase's file.

She invoked the unconstitutionality of the Chamber's interior regulations on August 13, 2008 when Deputies rejected an investigation against former PM Adrian Nastase. Meanwhile, at the Supreme Court of Justice, there is another case on role in which Nastase is accused of money laundering and bribe taking.