Moldovan President Vladimir Voronin accuses again. This time, he commented on Romanian President Basescu saying Moldova was the creation of the Ribbentrop-Molotov pact, asking rhetorically "What sort of comment is that?". He noted President Basescu's statements were "against Chisinau". Voronin said Moldova will suspend the visas for Romanians when the Moldavians will be granted free access to Europe.

Voronin on the IMF mission: "We made it because you weren't here"

Moldova’s President fired his words against IMF reps as well. He accused them of forsaking the country "like a woman leaves a man". "You've noticed in the opposition press the joy caused by IMF's leaving, like a woman leaves a man. They left in 2001 as well, in 2004 too, they left now again. We made it because you weren't here", Voronin concluded, cited by Jurnalul de Chisinau.

"The opposition is to blame for everything that happens in the country"

Voronin blamed the opposition for Moldova's international relationships and for everything going on in the country. According to him, liberals should stop their useless actions, since they cannot sit in the Parliament and lead. "I haven't heard the opposition yet to condemn Traian Basescu's unionist statements so far", Voronin said.

"We deal with criminal organisations, managed from outside"

Talking about the future parliamentary elections, he mentioned that the Moldovan communist party (PCRM) will take part in all TV debates. Asked about the presidential elections boycott in June 3, Voronin said: "We don't deal with political parties, but with criminal organisations, managed from outside the country".

"Many thanks to our Russian friends"

Voronin affirms that the enemies are the Europeans and Romanians, but not the Russians, who support them. "We will not offer anything but thanks in return, for our Russian friends, who proved once again that they were not indifferent to Moldova's issues." Russia offered Moldova a 500 million dollars credit and will pump a further 20 million dollars for rebuilding the Parliament's headquarter, vandalised during the April 7 protests.

"Open Chirtoaca's zipper and stick in a rat"

Liberal leader Dorin Chirtoaca was the victim of Voronin's imagination: "Open Chirtoaca's zipper and stick in a rat. He's single, anyway", Voronin said. The statement was a response to the journalists asking the Moldovan President on he planned to solve the problems of stray dogs and rats.

About a month ago, Romanian President Traian Basescu declared that signing a Border Treaty with Moldova is futile, since the Moldovan state inherited part of the ex-URSS border, which Bucharest acknowledged in the past. Basescu said that signing the treaty would make Romania partner of the Ribbentrop-Molotov pact.