The president of the Agriculture presidential Commission, Dacian Ciolos, declared he has not been officially offered to become European Commissioner yet, in an interview for Radio France Internationale. But he noted that it would be "very important and useful" for Romania and even for the new EU members to own the Agriculture portfolio.

Bucharest is pursuing an important portfolio, like Agriculture or Infrastructure. The name of the Romanian ex-minister has been often mentioned during the last days, in the eventuality that Romania will be requested to name a name for the European Commissioner for Agriculture. Dacian Ciolos said he hasn't received any offer so far, mostly because Romania's portfolio is yet to be clarified.

"For Romania, even for the new member states, a commissioner for Agriculture would be very important and useful, because there is more legitimacy for a commissioner from the new member states to come up with proposals for adapting the Common Agricultural Policy, particularly because of the need to consider the agricultural potential in the new member states, which should be put to good use by the Common Agricultural Policy, because we don't have other means, we can no longer have national agricultural policies", the ex-Agriculture minister said.

An official report indicated that the Commission aims to develop a strategy on the agricultural development public policy on long term (2020-2015), medium term (until 2014) and short term (for 2010), which is Romania's position regarding the Common Agricultural Policy. The Commission will cease its action on June 30, 2010, at the latest.