Moldavian communist diplomats continue to accuse Romania, this time through the voice of Reintegration minister, Vasili Sova. He said that the unbalance from the Republic of Moldova is owned to an external factor: Romania.

"There hasn't been one week during the last six months without the Romanian institutions to make tough declarations, which represent interference in sovereign Republic of Moldova internal affairs. The requests recently made by President Traian Basescu, namely that in Moldova the opposition liberal parties must win, may and it does represent a certain plan of certain political forces to solve the Transnistrian conflict. I don’t know if this could be called a solution plan or a plan to get rid of part of the country's territory and, in this way, to accomplish certain political ambitions", communist Vasili Sova declared.

He also said that on July 29, the electorate will chose between "chaos and stability, between independent development and political defeat of our country’s status". The vote is also a choice of how the Transnistrian conflict should be solved, according to the communists.

Authorities in Bucharest did not make any comment so far. President Traian Basescu declared on Tuesday during a meeting with foreign journalists that he hoped the pro-Romanian opposition in Moldova will see "better results" following the elections on July 29, when the Moldavian state will hold pre-elections, after the Parliament failed twice to elect the President.

Basescu expressed his hope for at least normal relations with the Moldovan state, adding that the aim is to bring Moldova closer to the European Union. The relations between Romania and the Republic of Moldova are currently very tense. Vladimir Voronin, head of the Parliament in Chisinau and ex-president until the June 5 elections, accused Romanian in interfering in the supposed attempt of changing Moldova's leadership.

A day after the June 5 elections - won by the Communist Party (Voronin's party), there were street protest in Chisinau, which the authorities managed to handle. A commission investigating the events did not manage to attest Romanian authorities' implication ion the social unrest from Chisinau.