The Moldavian press controlled by the communist party is trying to mobilise the electorate by labelling the opposition members as 'fascists', 'enemies', 'criminals' and 'terrorists', Kommersant reads, quoted by

The TV channels broadcast a series of videos, calling people to a war against the liberals: "We should not surrender Moldova to them!", "Let's defend our Country!", "April 7 - the destroyers' time!" etc. The prestigious Russian publication reads that so tense is the situation in Bucharest that it is very possible for the situation from April 7 to reoccur.

Kommersant says that there are two runners for the power: on one hand, there's the communist party, on the other there is the right wing parties (PL, PLDM and AMN). There is also the recent Democratic party, lead by Marian Lupu, ex-Parliament speaker, increasing its chances for parliamentary accession.

July 29 elections could be the toughest in the history of the republic of Moldova, after the communists failing to elect the head of state. "After the young mob protested in central Chisinau and destroyed the Parliament and Presidency's headquarters, dissatisfied with the communists winning the elections, the political parties accused each other for attempting to undermine the people's sovereignty. The communist Party accuses the opposition for trying to organise a state blow, while PL, PLDM and AMN say that the violence has been organised by the secret services, on the government's command", Kommersant reads.