Incumbent Republic of Moldova President Vladimir Voronin made it clear on Wednesday that Moldova will give up imposing visas for Romanians only if the EU gives up requesting visas for Moldavian citizens, Jurnal de Chisinau informs.

Incumbent Republic of Moldova President Vladimir Voronin was asked on Wednesday when will the state he runs drop the visas for Romania. He response went: "The visas for Romanians will drop only when the EU removes the visas for the citizens of my state".

Voronin added that the relationship with Romanian must be friendly, like with any other neighbouring country, but he mentioned that the Moldavian part has always made efforts in this sense. "There's a lot hanging on the Romanian state, which should not come with such ideas like nationalism or unionism", Voronin said.

The authorities in Republic of Moldova decided in favour of visas for Romanian citizens and to expel the Romanian ambassador in Chisinau after the April 7 incidents. More recently, Moldova's general prosecutor, Valeriu Gurbulea, decided that Romania, as a state, has not been involved in the April events from Chisinau.