The Moldavians elect their parliament on Wednesday during early general elections. The first accusations of election fraud have been made at the early start of the day.

He are the main statements made by the leaders of the parties running for people's votes, according to

  • Vladimir Voronin, incumbent president and leader of the Communist Party: "I voted for Moldova's stability".
  • Vlad Filat, president of the Liberal-Democratic Party of Republic of Moldova: "I discovered in the electoral list two strangers who were allegedly living in my house. I'm sure that, come tomorrow, the citizens will live better because we'll be victorious and the foreign journalists will not be persecuted in the Republic of Moldova anymore.
  • Dorin Chirtoaca, vice-president of the Liberal Party: I voted for the European integration of the Republic of Moldova, including for better relationships with neighbouring Romania and Ukraine. I voted for democracy and for the future of my children in the EU. Like Stefan cel Mare [n. red. a Romanian leader from the Moldovan region] used to say, Moldova doesn't belong to the wealthy class, but to our future generations".
  • Marian Lupu, president of the Democratic Party from Moldova: "The Democratic Party is in favour of strengthening the strategic pact with Russia, in the light of the traditional relationships between our countries, of the sovereignty, equality and mutual respect principles, of mutual advantageous cooperation by joining our national interests, including by consolidating the neutral constitutional state".
  • "PDM militates for a closer cooperation with Russia on a bilateral basis and on the 5+2 negotiation format regulating the Transnistrian conflict, respecting Moldova's territorial independence and integrity."
  • "After the elections, many aspects will know a radical change in the Republic of Moldova. (...) A bi-lateral coalition with PCRM is impossible, because I know this party's leadership mentality and they cannot act for the Republic of Moldova national interest. We plead for balance in the Chisinau - Bucharest dialogue. The situation is due to be corrected. A EU member state and a neighbouring state. Some effort is required for the relationship to be corrected. The visas regime needs be abolished."
  • Serafim Urechean, president of Moldova Noastra Alliance: "It is time to end the dictatorship. We will find a common ground with the other parties in the parliament. It is important for our people to choose the president. I voted for democracy and for European integration. We voted against the communists' challenges and against corruption".