Russia's patriarch, Kirill, criticised the idea oj the states once part of the Soviet Union joining the EU. In his opinion, they can only have a secondary role in the EU, Jurnal de Chisinau informs, quoting Agerpres. The Patriarch considers that the ex-Soviet countries can find their salvation in the spiritual space of historic Russia, representing a grandiose civilization project.

"I'm not at the least against the Occidental world. I know the Occident very well, I used to live there. But why do we easily adopt a subordinate attitude in the dialogue with the Occident? Are the values that Brussels proposes to us so precious that we haven't got them ourselves? What unique thing can this reach civilisation serve us? We're ready to join the European union blindfold, but not because of some ideas, but because we want to stuff our bellies. We go there not because of a vaccine, because of a correct way of living, but because of our stomach and money", Russia's patriarch said on an accusing tone, in his anti-EU pleading.