Members of the Communist Party in Moldova fired guns pointed towards members of Moldova Noastra Alliance (ANM), because the latter asked them to stop breaking electoral norms, an ANM report informs.

The incident took place on Wednesday, near Sangera, close to Chisinau, according to the cited source. ANM representatives said they were victims as well.

The Central Electoral Commission (CEC) Secretary Iurie Ciocan declared for our correspondent in Chisinau that a commission group has been sent to Sangera to investigate the circumstances of the case. He said that the incident took place in the village, not at the voting section. therefore, the Commission considers the event is not directly related to the electoral process.

"The situation in the area reached a maximum tension and the communists' gunfire may generate an uncontrolled. There will be an ANM campaign staff team on the site, lead by Leonid Bujor, president of the county party organisation.

Moldova Noastra Alliance calls upon local and international observers to urgently go to Sangera to determine these exceptional incidents. At the same time, we call for the help of the electoral authorities and the ones responsible for public order, to interfere to calm down the situation in Sangera and to prevent aggression in all the state's counties", the ANM report goes on to show.