The liberal-democrats (PD-L) are determined to take out the social-democrats (PSD) from governance by September. sources claim that PD-L is not currently aiming for a Government reshuffle, but intends to eliminate all PSD ministers from the Government by the end of the summer. Despite that PD-L signalled the reshuffle through Vasile Blaga, the party members are looking for a solid pretext to get PDS ministers out of governance.

PD-L sources told that lib-dem leaders discussed on Monday on getting PSD ministers out of the Government and not about Government reshuffle. The lib-dems are extremely crossed with the Coalition partners for their attacks on PD-L ministers Monica Iacob Ridzi and Elena Udrea and for defying them at the last Coalition session.

"There was nothing about reshuffle being discussed during the Monday session, but the issue was brought forward plainly: eliminating PSD from governance. We had it with PSD's attacks. We are extremely bothered by the political war started by PSD and we're determined to stop tolerating PSD leaders' attacks, which are denigrating the party's image. This is unacceptable. There are currently discussions on the possibilities of taking PSD out of the Government", PD-L sources told

The same sources claimed that the issue is discussed in small circles, so that the press will not give it out. managed to get one of lib-dems plan versions.

The first scenario: the Education laws

One good pretext of eliminating PSD from Governance is the education laws package. PM Emil Boc intends to request the Parliament to sit during an extraordinary session for the Government to assume responsibility for the education laws package. The laws for education were elaborated through a commission from Cotroceni, and the social-democrats are not in favour of adopting them.

Lib-dems would ask for a extraordinary session during mid-August under the pretext that the laws need be adopted before students go back to school. Should the social-democrats refuse to adopt the package, the lib-dems have the perfect pretext to break the Coalition.

The scenario goes on with PD-L forming a minority Government, supported by UDMR and minority parties. For a majority in the Parliament, PD-L needs another 20 votes, which could be raised from the unhappy PSD and PNL members.

On Monday, Tourism minister Elena Udrea told that the laws for education will be atest for PSD. Presidential advisor Sebastian Lazaroiu told Romanian newspaper Gandul that the Coalition "could break even tomorrow". PD-L general secretary Vasile Blaga declared on Monday that there was the need for a Cabinet reshuffle until this autumn because thare are certain ministers who don't do anything.

But Cosmin Gusa, PSD leader's advisor, told Romanian radio station Realitatea FM that it would be a disaster fir PSD to get out of the Government and leave PD-L to given on its own. PSD vice-president Liviu Dragnea told RFI on Tuesday that he was not excluding the chance of a reshuffle, but this would not solve Romania's problem.

He said: "The PSD and PNL relationship is quite distant. Maybe we are to seriously think how we can get pass this summer and autumn. The closer the presidential elections, the tenser the relationship may get. We're not considering a party leaving the Government. No matter which party leaves, the Government will fall."