European diplomacy chief Javier Solana saluted the manner in which the general elections in the Republic of Moldova had been conducted. He asked the parties to show reconciliation.

"I salute the manner in which the new legislative elections unfolded in the Republic of Moldova, fulfilling many international criteria, even if some negative aspects continued to persist", Solona transmitted through a press report.

"The voters have given the verdict. it is up to the political leaders in Moldova to start quickly, in a reconciliation spirit and openness, selecting the new president and to form the governance coalition, to get the country out of the political crisis", Solona added.

The democratic leader excludes a coalition with the communists

The urge comes at a moment when the Democratic Party leader Marian Lupu, considered a key political character in forming the government alliance, excluded the chance of sealing any agreement with the Communist Party. He believes that such an alliance would only perpetuate the current mind set, which cannot be beneficial. "Our intention is to contribute to a constrictive, active start, in line with the values of the Democratic Party", Lupu said.

Five parties will make it to the new Parliament, according to the partial results announced by the Central Electoral Office in Chisinau. Vladimir Voronin's communist lead with 45.2% followed by the Liberal-Democratic Party - 16%, the Liberal Party - 14%, the Democratic Party - 12.5% and Moldova Noastra Alliance - 7% of the votes.

The communists do not exclude the chance for a national union party.