After counting 99.8% of the ballots, the Communists lost out on votes’ percentage, going from 45.1% to 44.7%. This still entitles them to 48 mandates in the future Parliament from Chisinau, according to the Central Electoral Commission, quoted by UNIMEDIA. The data do not include the votes from the Moldavian embassies in Romania, China, Israel and the German city Frankfurt am Main.

PCRM is still the largest voted Moldavian party. The second in rank is PDLM with 18 mandates - an extra mandate, according to the new data. The third comes PL, with 15 mandates, then PDM with 13 mandates and Moldova Noastra Alliance with 7 mandates: a mandate less, according to the latest results.

On Thursday morning, after 98.3% of the votes have been counted, the Central Electoral Commission announced that the Communist Party got 45.1% of the votes and that other four parties managed to get pass the electoral limit of 5%: The Liberal-Democratic Party of Moldova - 16.4%, The Liberal Party - 14.4%, Marian Lupu's Democratic Party - 12.5% and Moldova Noastra Alliance - 7.8% of the votes.