Democratic Party from the Republic of Moldova (PDM) leader Marian Lupu is seen as the key political character in forming a large coalition for the future Moldavian Parliament. He said yesterday that he will begin to negotiate with the other liberal parties, Reuters informs.

"Today we begin a dialog with the democratic parties", Marian Lupu declared in an interview for Reuters. "This is the first step. We hope that, eventually, the democratic parties will reach to a common position, based on a similar understanding of the national interests", PDM president added.

Lupu sees is "absolutely vital" to start a later dialog with the Communist Party, which remains the most powerful party in the Parliament. Lupu considers that if the future parliamentary majority is not able to designate the country's president, it will throw the Republic of Moldova in another crisis, needing other round of general elections. He does not believe that "the country could stand all these without huge, irreparable losses".

The Democratic Party - elections' wonder

Daily Vremia Novostei noted on Thursday that the score of the Democratic Party is the sensation of the last polls. The popularity of the party that did not manage to get pass the electoral limit in April saw a boost with the leadership being taken over by Marian Lupu, the man who left the Communist Party in the beginning of June.

Marian Lupu declared yesterday that his party will not form an alliance with the communists. "I believe that such a coalition will preserve the current situation in the country, which could never be beneficial. He said he wants every party to come with a list of proposals, so that a governing programme could be put together.

PLDM, PL, PDM and AMN announced they were going form a governing coalition and mentioned that they were thinking of ways to attract other five parliamentarians on their side in order to name the country's next president. The Communist Party would like to see a larger, national coalition, though.