"It is compulsory that Romania receives the second IMF loan instalment, if we take into consideration that in September and October we will have a pretty significant hole in the budget", the president of the Romanian Social-Democratic Party (PSD) Mircea Geoana declared. "If we look at the figures and the state of the national budget, it is obvious we're expecting a very difficult period in the second part of the year", he added.

Geoana said that the drop in the state incomes and the need for financing the growing budget deficit "indicate that it is compulsory to meet the conditions, so that Romania can get the second IMF and EC loan instalment at September 15".

Talking about the IMF experts visit to Romania, Geoana said that "this is a difficult week". He appealed to the Government to find the necessary solutions to secure the money from the IMF and European Commission.

On the other hand, Mircea Geoana mentioned that "finally, we have good news from America. The crisis originates in America and it will be probably over once the US economy is recovered". He indicated that Romania's economic situation is likely to improve in 2010.