Romanian PM Emil Boc declared on Thursday that he does not wish to run for Presidency in the elections to take place later this year. He added that it was never discussed by the Liberal-Democrats the hypothesis of having someone lese running for the role that incumbent President Traian Basescu, Romanian press agency NewsIn informs.

"I want to clear things up and be precise. I never had the intention and I do not wish to run for Romania's presidency. We never even discussed the hypothesis of an alternative to a presidency candidate. PDL's candidate for the role of Romania's president is the incumbent president", Emil Boc declared for the public radio station. The PM avoided saying what will PDL do should Traian Basescu decide to run independently.

PDL's secretary general Vasile Blaga said on Tuesday that his party is considering current PM Emil Boc for presidency if Basescu decides not to run for the next elections. He added that Emil Boc was among the first four presidency candidates to enjoy the public' credibility.

But since January 2009 and until this present day, polls show that Emil Boc dropped massively in credibility, from 50% to 22% and he's still free falling. This raises a big question mark on Vasile Blaga's statement on possibly using Boc as a candidate for the next elections. The polls show he's behind other candidates, like Mircea Geoana (social-democrat) and Crin Antonescu (liberal).

On the other hand, incumbent President Traian Basescu has recently claimed that he did not take any decision on his running for presidency. Last week, he declared for the Romanian press he was seriously thinking of not running for another mandate.