The Russian ambassador in Chisinau Valeri Kuzmin met on Thursday with leaders of the Liberal Party of the Republic of Moldova. After the discussions concluded, Valeri Kuzmin declared for Unimedia that "Russia is full of respect for the choice made by the citizens of the Republic of Moldova". But he noted that "it is too soon to tell who will be in power and who will be in the opposition".

"This is a very delicate moment for the development of the republic of Moldova. We have a round of discussions with the leaders of all parties that have access to the Parliament. We had friendly discussions about our relationships. The Transnistrian issue is currently having a break and it's not the case to speculate this subject", Kuzmin declares one week after the early general elections from the Republic of Moldova.

Dorin Chirtoaca, Liberal Party vice-president: The liberals are not against collaborating with Russia

After the two-hour long meeting, Dorin Chirtoaca, liberals' vice-president, told Unimedia the Russian ambassador suggested that the Republic of Moldova and Russia have friendly relationships, "thus, we decided to have regular meetings", Chirtoaca went on.

"I told him about the false myths according to which liberals are against having relationships with the Russian Federation. It is important to have the right economic relations. (...) I Hope we'll get to a more progressive phase of the relationships between the Republic of Moldova and the Russian Federation", the liberal leader concluded.

Vladimir Voronin: The Communist Party will join the opposition if it fails to form a coalition

The meeting comes a day after incumbent Moldavian president Vladimir Voronin talked about the possibility for the Communist Party to form the opposition. "In the case of a right-wing liberal coalition, the Communist party will be forced to announce its forming the responsible opposition", Vladimir Voronin said on Wednesday. He noted that, in this way, "it is impossible to fight the scenario for the destruction of the economy, social sphere and the state form of the Republic of Moldova."

The Communist Party of the Republic of Moldova obtained 44.69% of the last week's votes, meaning 48 mandates. The score is insufficient to for a parliamentary majority. The opposition parties are trying to form an alliance to form a majority. But the analysts say that neither the communists, nor the opposition parties have sufficient mandates as to form a majority in the parliament. The negotiations are, thus, open.