Four pro-Occident opposition parties in Moldova announced on Saturday the forming of the coalition "Alliance for European Integration". Their votes put together gives them enough mandates in Parliament as to form the new government from Chisinau, Reuters informs.

The four parties - The Liberal Party, The Liberal-Democratic Party, The Democratic Party and Moldova Noastra Alliance - own 53 of the 101 Parliament seats. But it's not enough to name the next president, who is supposed to follow the incumbent Vladimir Voronin.

"There are 21 principles uniting us. They make the foundation of our mutual understanding that led to the agreement forming a governing coalition in Moldova", Lib-Dem leader Vlad Filat said.

According to Unimedia, Marian Lupu, president of the Liberal Party (PDM), declared that "it is time to lose the anti-Russian or anti-Romanian phobias. We wish to cooperate with NATO. This is what we need. (...) We will decide in favour of good neighbouring relationships with Ukraine and Romania, including the Russian Federation. The European integration is not as much an external policy matter, but an internal political issue, meant to change the country’s economic and social situation. This is our common stand."

Moldova Noastra Alliance leader Serafim Urechean said: "The communists are compelled to offer us the eight votes needed to choose the next president of the Republic of Moldova". His opinion was backed by Lupu, who said that "the political situation in the country forces us to have discussions with the Communist Party".

The Liberal-Democratic Party got an electoral score of 16.57% - 18 mandates, the Liberal Party, 14.68% - 15 mandates, the Democratic Party, 12.54% - 13 mandates, and Moldova Noastra Alliance, 7.35% - 7 mandates.