Representatives of the new democratic coalition in Chisinau announced that the visas for Romanians will be eliminated immediately after the coalition will start governing. "The decision to impose visas for Romanian citizens is illegal. A Government's decision cannot be above a former law of the Parliament. We have all the necessary tools and we'll discuss this issue in the first session of the legislative", PLDM president Vlad Filat told Pro Tv Chisinau, according to Unimedia.

His statement was enforced by Moldova Noastra Alliance president Serafim Urechean and Liberal Party leader Mihai Ghimpu, who said that the visas for Romanians will be eliminated "the day after the start of the governing".

In his turn, the democratic leader said that the decision to eliminate the visas for Romanian citizens is in the national interest "both a positive message for the bi-lateral relationships with Romania and an important message for Brussels regarding the initiation of a new agreement between the Republic of Moldova and the European Union."

The visas and the 7th of April

The communist regime in Chisinau decided in favour of a visa system for Romanian citizens after the April 7 social unrest, following the parliamentary elections. Back then, the communist governance accused Romania of implication in organising protests and decided to expel the Romanian ambassador from Moldova. The general prosecutor of the republic of Moldova declared later that there was no evidence demonstrating the Romanian authorities’ involvement in staging the protests in Chisinau after the April 5 elections.

The four opposition parties from Moldova have constituted the governing coalition, under the name of the Alliance for European Integration.