"Unfortunately, Romania is not led by a Romanian Government anymore. The current Government leased Romania's administration to the IMF", National Liberal Party (PNL) vice-president Ludovic Orban declared on Monday. He said Romania risks becoming incapable of paying up.

According to PNL leader, quoted by Romanian press agency NewsIn, "the Government managed a counter-performance", an economic decay, with the economy likely to reach a minus 8 to 10% deficit, with the Executive "not taking any anti-crisis measures". Orban went on to say that none of the Government's targets were met.

"We had to have the IMF experts’ mission coming over to learn that, actually, the staff spending in the public sector was not reduced, but increased by 16% in the first semester," Orban noted. He considers that there has been a generalisation of spilling the public budget.

"PNL considers that it is fundamental that the pensions, salaries, all the social duties are paid to date and increased according to the real economic data," Orban added. He said that the Government requesting the IMG to use the money to pay up salaries and pensions hides, in fact, the real situation: "Romania is on the verge of becoming unable to pay up".

According to Orban, the current Government members are only interested to be able to pay salaries and pensions until the coming presidential elections, "with any risk and at any price".

"The main creator of the financial blockage in the economy is the Government, alongside the financial banking system, through not reimbursing the VAT, through not paying for the work done and because it does not back the financial resources even there where the creditors have requested paying the jobs done for the economy", Orban claimed. He also criticised the current Government for "stating to have an increased number of spokespersons".