Romanian Finance minister Gheroghe Pogea announced on Tuesday that absolutely all employees working for state institutions will have to go for ten days on an unpaid holiday by the end of the year. The state budget savings will be adjusted either through this measure or by reducing the working time from eight to six hours, for a limited period of time, Pogea declared.

The minister of Finance also said that the local public apparatus will face redundancies because their staffs is too numerous. The gross staff spending will be cut by 0.66% of the GDP by June 2010, according to Pogea.

The measure was announced on Monday evening by the Economy minister Adriean Videanu. He said that one of the Government's measures to reduce staff spending will be to send the state employees in a ten-days unpaid holiday, leading to a 4% shrinkage of the salaries by the end of the current year. "There will be a solution from one department to another, so that we could achieve the savings", Videanu said, quoted by Romanian press agency NewsIn.