Traian Basescu could raise 35% of the electoral votes if the elections if the presidential elections took place next Sunday. Romania's incumbent president is followed by the social-democratic leader Mircea Geoana, credited with 21% of the voting intentions, and by the liberal Crin Antonescu, with 15%, according to a survey run by CSOP at the request of the Liberal-Democratic Party (PDL, Traian Basescu's party).

The mayor of Bucharest Sorin Oprescu, ex-PSD, would rank fourth if he were to run independently, raising 11% of the votes.

Corneliu Vadim Tudor from Romania Mare Party (PRM) is thought to get 10% of the votes, and Hungarian Party (UDMR) candidate Kelemen Hunor could raise 5%. Prince Radu Duda, running independently, is thought to get 3% of the public's votes.

Version B: Traian Basescu 36%, Sorin Oprescu (PSD candidate) 22%

Should Sorin Oprescu decide to candidate for PSD, the ranking would change: Traian Basescu - 36%, Sorin Oprescu - 22%, Crin Antonescu - 13%, Corneliu Vadim Tudor - 12%, Kelemen Hunor - 5%, Prince Radu Duda - 3%,whle any "other candidate" would raise 9%.

Electing parties: PDL - 33%, PSD - 21%

As far as voting for parties is concerned, PDL would get 33% of the votes, PSD+PC - 31%, PNL - 16%, PRM - 8%, and PNG and UDMR - 6% each, UDMR - 5%, and 4% in coalition with other party.

Asked "What is the party that causes conflicts most often?", 20% indicated PSD, PSD, 15% - PDL, and 55% believe that both parties do. Moreover, 53% of the respondents expect more political scandals this year than in any other year.

According to the same CSOP survey, PDL is the party trying hardest to find solutions for economic problems. 34% of the respondents consider that PSD lodges more corrupt politicians than any other party. On the other hand, 26% believe PDL has the more skilled politicians any other party.

The survey was carried out at the request of PDL, during July 30 - August 3 2009, 809 people with the right to vote. The error figure is +/- 3.5%.