Romanian minister of Economy declared that his department operated 4,8000 redundancies from the beginning of the year and 5,400 more people are on the list. In his turn Interior minister Dan Nica leaves 1,225 posts vacant. New arrangements are to follow in both departments and more.

"The reorganization process will continue until the end of the year and we will give up 5,400 more people" Economy minister Adriean Videanu declared after the Government session on Wednesday. There have already been 4,800 redundancies within the companies run by his ministry since the beginning of the year. "We're searching for alternatives for the people who lost their jobs", Videanu added.

In his turn, Transports minister Radu Berceanu announced that 627 staff will get the sack. Moreover, 119 governmental agencies will be dissolved.

According to Economy minister Adriean Videanu:

  • the state will stop funding the 11 research institutes from the first day of 2010. They will need finance themselves by finding customers;
  • the Romanian Agency for Energy Conservation will be included in the National Agency for Regulating Energy;
  • another state control agency will reduce its staff by 20%;
  • the National Agency for Sustainable Development in industry will include the two units for the management of closing down mines and developing mining area;
  • the Romanian Bureau for Legal Meteorology will see new armaments and will cut its staff by 20%.

Interior minister Dan Nica declared on Wednesday that 1,225 posts will remain vacant. "There will be a reduction in the number of management positions, there will be less managers and manager assistants. In regards to services and offices, there will be the necessary redundancies, because two of the human resources directions don't exist any longer", he declared.