The parliamentary Commission for investigation is looking into the way public money was spent by the Tourism minister Elena Udrea. The Commission decided on Wednesday to hear Udrea next Thursday, August 20, the forum president, liberal Ludovic Orban, announced.

The decision was approved unanimously behind the Commission's closed doors meeting on Wednesday. Commission president Ludovic Orban informed Tourism minister Elena Udrea that, by the time she will be heard, the members of the forum need to receive the official documents that the parliamentary Commission for investigation requested.

Moreover, the Commission members decided the hearing of the Romanian National Authority for Regulating and Monitoring public Acquisitions (ANRMAP) president on Wednesday, August 18.

Orban indicated that the hearings will take part this week as well. On Thursday, four Tourism Ministry staff is invited to see the Commission: the state secretary, the general secretary, the head of the Public Direction for acquisitions and the Economic Direction general manager.