The president of the Parliamentary Commission currently investigating the Tourism minister Elena Udrea decisions to spend public money, liberal Ludovic Orban, requested theProsecutors' General Office to start investigating the illegal recording of the Commission's members, Romanian TV channel Antena 3 announces.

The liberal deputy's decision comes thee days after fragments of the discussion held by the members of the commissions investigating Tourism minister Elena Udrea were featured on several blogs. The "main voices" in the recordings are allegedly Ludovic Orban himself, Adriana Saftoiu, Aura Vasile and a fourth commission member, all talking about the Tourism minister's case.

Elena Udrea: I will not come to the investigation commission

After the entire recording had been broadcasted, Tourism minister Elena Udrea declared that neither she, nor any other ministry staff will go to face the investigation commission. She added she will press penal charges against every one taking part in the discussions recorded. The Tourism minister said that they are attempting to sack a minister through means used by the communist intelligence.

PD-L requested for the investigation commission to be dissolved

The Liberal Democratic Party asked for the investigation commission to be dissolved, considering it has committed "an unprecedented abuse", which had been unmasked by the press just in time, liberal AdrieanVideanu remarked.

The Commission has also been attacked by the president of the Deputy's Chamber, Roberta Anastase. She announced on Monday that she is to propose the suspending of the investigation commission's activity to the Chamber's Permanent Office. On the other hand, social-democrats Aura Vasile and Bogdan Niculescu Duvaz consider that an investigation commission voted by the Parliament cannot be dissolved by anyone's request.

On August 20, Elena Udrea, Romanian minister for Tourism, is to be investigated by a Parliamentary investigation Commission about the way she spent her ministry's money. The decision was unanimously voted during the Commission's last week session, which took place behind closed doors. The Commission will also be hearing other Tourism Ministry's staff and representatives of the companies who signed a contract with the Tourism Ministry.