The Social-Democratic Party's honorific president Ion Iliescu, ex-Romanian president, declared on Tuesday that leaving the governing coalition "would be stupid", even if the social-democrats won't be able to agree with the lib-dems regarding the education laws package. Romanian press agency Mediafax informs. He referred to both PSD leaving the coalition and the Government assuming responsibility for the educational laws as "stupid".

"We're in a complicated period anyway... and as it is, this alliance would be a somewhat forced, because it regards two organisations with different approaches on different issues... Regarding the Education reform, there is no common ground in the Government, Iliescu said.

PSD's honorific president mentioned that the Government could claim responsibility for one law, one statement or one document "which would be the Government's resolution". But the Executive faces two different attitudes to the laws for education: the project proposed by the presidential commission led my Mircea Miclea and the Education code drafted by current Education minister Ecaterina Andronescu (PSD).

Asked if he believes that PSD will break the governing coalition in the case the party members will not support PDL's approach, Iliescu replied: "I hope that those holding the governing responsibility won't select such an arbitrary and dangerous solution".