The vice-president of the Youth social-democratic party in Cluj-Napoca (Central-West) Congolese Gaston Bienvenu Mboumba Bakabana handcrafted on Thursday a small paper boat, model for a bamboo boat which he plans to offer in December to Romania's incumbent president Traian Basescu to take him, his wife and Elena Udrea (the Tourism minister) to Zimbabwe after he looses the elections, Romanian press agency Mediafax informs. He noted that the boat could be here starting September and it will be constructed by one of his friends from Congo.

"The paper boat is a gift that I want to offer Romania's president Traian Basescu, who has always exercised his love for the sea. I send him this model and I want to bring him the bamboo version in December, which is now being prepared in Africa and which he can use to move to Zimbabwe next to Robert Mugabe (Zimbabwe's president), alongside Elena Udrea, Elena Basescu and his wife. That's where his place is", Bakabana said in a press conference.

"I order it. I have a friend in Congo who comes to Romania in September and if Mr. Basescu wishes to leave Cotroceni as soon as possible, than I'll go to Cotroceni on September 15 to give him the boat, with luggage, and he can already move to Zimbabwe", Bakabana added.

According to TSD Cluj-Napoca vice-president, Romania needs a president that is "dignified and serious", like Mircea Geoana.

"When Basescu came to rule, he had three wishes: to keep Mihai Tanasescu for Finance, Mircea Geoana for Interior and Vasile Puscas as EU negotiator. PSD is the only party whose members are skilled enough to take the country out of the current economic situation", Gaston Bakabana noted.