President Traian Basescu said laughing in the northern Romanian city of Botosani on Friday that should his brother become involved with "another dubious firm" again, he may not run for presidency again. Media reported on Thursday that Basescu's brother, Mircea Basescu, was involved in a business dealing with the military sector.

Basescu said, as quoted by Realitatea TV news channel, that "you cand defend yourself from your enemies, but it's hard to defend yourself from your own brother".

The Presidential Administration issued a press release earlier saying that the head of state regretted that a member of his family was shareholder in a company with military-related activities. Romanian newspaper Bursa reported on Thursday that Mircea Basescu was associate in such a firm, which according to another associate, Romeo Oita, was not involved in arms dealing, but in consultancy and event organization activities for the military sector.

Presidential elections are due to take place in Romania later this year.