The Social-Democratic Party should be kicked out of the Government, without waiting for them to think over the decision of leaving the governing coalition. This is what the PDL vice-president Cezar Preda declared, according to Romanian press agency NewsIn.

PSD is not a veritable opposition party, but one that is interested only in power and money, according to the liberal-democratic leader. He claimed that PSD does not intend to leave the governing coalition. He said that they would have left it already, had they wished to still give their president Mircea Geoana a chance to run for Romania's coming presidency elections.

Cezar Preda accused the social-democrats of greed over power and money, saying that judging "by the way they acted in relation to the liberals, they're more tempted to be a veritable opposition party, acting accordingly. They're tempted by money, power, by complicity regarding the Government's decision, collaborating with the National Liberal Party."

"I don't believe they should leave the Government, but be kicked out", Preda added during a press conference on Sunday in Buzau (South-East Romania).