Romanian Education minister Ecaterina Andronescu declared on Monday that she was "profoundly disappointed" for being used as a political weapon by the two parties making up Romania's governing coalition, namely the social-democrats and the lib-dems. In an internal PSD note, which has been published by the press on Sunday, the social-democrats claim that PD-L are allegedly trying to attract 18 PSD parliamentary members and that PM Emil Boc (PD-L) is to dismiss the Education minister (social-democrat) on September 1st.

Asked by the press if she was likely to get the sack, the Romanian Education minister replied: "Perhaps, if this is what I deserve..." She said she was not aware weather Prime Minister Boc was going to fire her or not.

Talking about the unique term tests, Ecaterina Andronescu said Romanian teachers were against them. She stated: "Everybody is against them. I go almost weekly in at least two counties, I meet many teachers and they all reject the unique term tests", Andronescu concluded.