PSD Bucharest president Marian Vanghelie talked on Monday about Romanian President Traian Basescu's brother and his affairs that made it in the press - business related to energy and buying state-owned land. Vanghelie believes that in the period to come, there will be more anti-Basescu documents, including from liberal-democrats, who will rush to help PSD. According to NewsIn quoting Vanghelie, PD-L members will soon contribute to the anti-Basescu campaign, because "the society is generally tired" with the incumbent president's actions.

Vanghelie accuses Traian Basescu's brother of selling overpriced energy, after having previously acquired it at a low price. The mayor of Bucharest’s fifth sector points out to an article featured in the Romanian press, regarding the cheapest energy on the market, bought by the President's brother.

Regarding the latest scandal indicating the President's brother involvement in the weapon trade, Vanghelie stated that there would be many more anti-Basescu documents surfacing in the days to come, "because the society is generally tired: with structures, with friends, with PD-L members altogether. There are many PD-L members and PD-L fans that come to our help and will bring documents in the period to come", Vanghelie opinionated.