According to the very last law draft addressing the state income, the minim state salary in 2010 will be 705 lei. In 2011, it will reach 765 lei, 845 lei in 2012 and it will increase up to 1,100 lei in 2015. The minimum salary is also identified with coefficient 1.

An unskilled worker will earn one minimum salary without benefits. Somebody who has concluded education after high-school will be entitled to earn 1.2. The coefficient 1.3 is awarded for short superior education and 1.5 for normal superior academic studies.

The new income law will not have any macro-economic impact because state employees will only be fitted into categories, maintaining their 2009 salaries. The Romanian President will be the only official to be paid 15 minimum salaries the final law draft shows. The MPs will be awarded 14.5.

Despite discontent showed by Health union members, the medical salaries remain unchanged. A consultant will be allowed to earn a maximum of 5.10 minimum salaries, while a special doctor may earn 3.75. The resident doctor could get 3.20, and the junior doctor - 1.90. The main medical assistant will be paid with 3 minimum salaries, while a junior nurse will receive 1.20. The incomes for pharmacists range between 3.65 and 1.30. A hospital manager will get 6.80 minimum incomes.

The teachers and professors didn't manage either to get their complaints to change the other law drafts. Their incomes are situated between 2.65 and 4.1 minimum salaries. At the same time, a public manager will earn 4.80 minimum incomes, and a general manager - 5.10. The legal advisors will receive between 1.50 and 3.35 minimum incomes.

According to the law project, a doorman could be remunerated with 1.55 salaries, a secretary - with 1.65 and a driver - with 1.70.