Romanian Finance minister Gheorghe Pogea declared on Friday that the Government will find one legal way or another to send the state-paid employees into a 10 days unpaid holiday, Romanian press agency NewsIn informs. "Let them sue us, the unions can do it, but we will find a legal way to have the state employees taking a holiday. We will respect the law", Pogea said after discussions with union reps.

He added that the main credit providers will be flexible in their discussions with government and staff representatives. He also said the government does not wish to "disturb" the employees working for the state.

SedLex union president Vasile Marica declared after the talks with the Finance Ministry that the unions are seriously considering taking the unions into court to get the annulment of the measure meant to force employees into an unpaid time off. "We do not agree with the 10 unpaid free days. We need to find the way to a compromise", Marica declared. He noted that the budget rectification is relying too much on the unpopular measure.

The Executive is planning to assume responsibility for a law project according to which credit providers can decide whether employees will have to take the 10-days unpaid holiday during September-November. The measure is meant to save he budget 1.5 billion lei, according to the Finance Ministry's estimates.