The president of the Hungarian Democratic Union from Romania (UDMR) Marko Bela declared on Friday in Targul Mures (North) that it was absolutely necessary for the Government's composition to change, but only after the presidential elections to take place in November this year. He sees UDMR as part of the new Cabinet.

"I believe it would hypocritical to state that we are not interested in being part of the Government. (...) At the same time, we have very serious requests. I would first recommend everyone thinking of a new governance to give it a thought after the presidential elections. These are tactic considerations. But honestly, after the presidential vote, it would be beneficial for everyone if the government changed", Marko Bela declared.

UDMR's requests for joining a new government:

  • an appropriate representation that could secure the necessary links for UDMR to implement their programme;
  • a majority in the Parliament for the future Cabinet.

In regards to supporting a motion initiated by the liberals (PNL), Marko Bela indicated that UDMR will not make any move until the Hungarian party from Romania will not see projects for their requests.