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The President's brother: I never asked for any favour or business support from my brother, I wasn't involved in arms trade

de Alina Neagu, transl/adapt. C.B.
Marţi, 1 septembrie 2009, 18:35 English | Politics

Mircea Basescu, the brother of Romania's incumbent president Traian Basescu, declares in a press communiqué that he was never part of influence traffic addressing the head of state, that he never asked Traian Basescu for any favour or business support and claims he was never involved in arms trade. Additionally, the president's brother asks the mass-media to stop making any connection between his business and Traian Basescu, according to Romanian press agency NewsIn.

Mircea Basescu wants moral and material damages from Sorin Rosca Stanescu

Mircea Basescu adds that he will go to court to force journalist Sorin Rosca Stanescu to pay him moral and material damages following his publishing of "false" information.

  • "I want to bring to the public opinion's attention , through mass-media, that i was not involved in any terrorist business, I did not take part in any ultra-secret international operations regarding explosives traffic, I did not commit any organised crime, arms and explosive substances trade, I did not support and I did not financed international terorism acts, I was not part of any organised crime group, I did not take part in any operation of loading or unloading explosives and ammunition from any ship, I was not and I am not involved in arms business", Mircea Basescu claims in the press communiqué.
  • I am the brother of the Romanian President, whom I love, both him and his family, I respect his decisions and the role that he has. That is why I would not do anything, absolutely anything of the nature to bring his image any damage, like Sorin Rosca Stanescu claims, especially when it is about involving him in a business", the chief of state's brother adds.

Journalist Sorin Rosca Stanescu wrote last month on his blog that the Romanian President's brother has allegedly taken part in an ultra-secret international explosive traffic operation. According to him, five ships arrived from Thailand in Constanta (port in South-East Romania). The operation, he claims, was managed by Mircea Basescu. The cargo is supposed to have been explosives and ammunition. The journalist also wrote he was assuming full civil and penal responsibility for the information.

The Presidential Administration accused the fact that certain politicians and persons associated with them "are carrying out a discrediting campaign against some state institutions", adding that Traian Basescu will explain, "when the time comes", what lies behind the "political-media manipulation meant to discredit the state".

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