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UPDATE The Government decided to assume responsibility for the Education reform, state employee's salary scheme and the agencies' restructuring. School principles are forbidden affiliation with any political party

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Joi, 3 septembrie 2009, 10:04 English | Politics

After debating for 10 hours, the Government managed to take responsibility for the Miclea Code for the reform in Education, the unique salary scheme and the restructuring of the governmental agencies. Regarding Education, the Government decided to go for the National Pact Strategy elaborated by the Miclea Commission, in the detriment of the Andronescu Code.

The Education reform

According to the new Education law, a pupil will go through 10 compulsory classes, plus the pre-school one year preparation. The students will be evaluated through national tests. Another measure sees getting politics out of schools. Plus, 60% of what the students will study will be decided at a national level,, 20% in the schools and 20% will be optional.

Education will get 6% of the GDP annually and the research, 1%. Permanent education will use the public TV and radio channels. University professors will retire at 65; some will be allowed to continue until 70 if they are leading PHD thesis.   

The state income

Nobody will lose their income rights, the PM says. According to him, those at the base of the pyramid will see an increase in salaries, while those at the top will have their right frozen. He also said that no state employees could have both an income and a pension simultaneously if the pension is bigger than 1,700 lei.

Governmental Agencies

Regarding the restructuring of the governmental agencies, one of the main regulations will have their own incomes transferred to the state budget. According to the Romanian PM Emil Boc, various agencies are currently handling approximately one billion euros spent inefficiently.

On Thursday, the Government will send the Parliament a letter announcing that the Government is taking responsibility for the new laws.

UPDATE School principles and their deputies cannot be affiliated to any political party during their mandate, the Government decided on Wednesday. The proposal was included in the Education reform for which the Executive will assume responsibility, Romanian press agency NewsIn informs. The measure had been initially contained in the Education law project proposed by the presidential Commission headed by Mircea Miclea, but it had been taken out when reformulated by Education minister Ecaterina Andronescu. PM Emil Boc requested the ministers to present him with the final form of the three projects on Saturday, 11:00, according to some sources from the ministerial staff.

On the other hand, the Social-Democratic Party leaders are meeting on Thursday in Arges (South) to discuss their relationship with the coalition party PD-L. Honorific PSD president Ion Iliescu, ex-Romanian President, declared he could not understand the rush for the Government to take responsibility. 

Adrian Nastase, ex-Romanian PM, opinionated that it was more important to analyse "the substance" of the new laws, and not the forms of ambition and ego. He added that there is the risk for Romania to see the real economic crisis starting in January first and declared that "taking responsibility is not decided by the prime minister, but by the Government".

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