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Social-democratic leader: The Romanian President wants to get his hands on the Interior Minister

de Dan Tapalaga, transl/adapt. C.B.
Joi, 3 septembrie 2009, 13:10 English | Politics

"Basescu is not only interested in getting his hands on economic strings, but also on the force strings from the Interior Minister, to twist the result of the elections" leader of PSD party Mircea Geoana declared in the beginning of the PSD leaders' meeting. The meeting took place in Calinesti-Arges (South), following the intense debates about the party leaving the governing coalition.

On the other hand, the Administration and Interior Ministry (MAI), considered vital for the presidential elections scheduled on November 22, appears to have become the main target of the reshuffle planned by PDL.

Political sources declared for that the reshuffle could attract the Development Ministry to be merged with MAI, in a mammoth ministry led by Vasile Blaga. But yet another scenario sees the formation of two ministries, that of Administration and of Interior. Anyway, one of them is set to merge with the Development Ministry, with Vasile Blaga replacing the present Interior minister Dan Nica.

"PDL mayors complain increasingly that they don't get money from MAI. The County Council led by PDL members are discriminated against the ones held by PSD. It is essential that the Interior ministry is not led by PSD during the electoral period", lib-dem sources declare.

The ministries have been distributed through a protocol and breeching it might mean breaking the coalition and forcing PSD out of the Government. PSD hopes to be eliminated to take the victim's stance.

Those organising elections increase their winning chances. There are notable advantages for the party leading the Interior Ministry, since this department plays a key-role in organising electing, controlling local prefects, and distributing public funds to local councils, controlling the police and the gendarmerie and managing a huge data base.

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