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Greater Romania Party calls for a national referendum on the presidential elections day regarding the region with a large Hungarian-speaking population

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Luni, 7 septembrie 2009, 14:17 English | Politics

Greater Romania Party (Romania Mare - PRM) calls for a national referendum, on November 22, the day when the presidential elections are scheduled. The referendum is a Yes or No vote addressing the Hungarian Party demands of territorial autonomy in case of Tinutul Secuiesc, the name for three Romanian counties largely populated by Hungarians (still Romanian citizens), namely Covasna (Central Romania), Harghita (Central) and Mures (Central-North), Romanian press agency Mediafax informs.

According to radical party PRM, Romania's government should make participation in the national referendum compulsory for Romanians both in and outside the country, or face them with fines.

PRM general secretary Gheorghe Funar motivates request with "the great danger facing Romania's territorial integrity" and the fact that the Romanian people must be firm in front of Hungarians' demands. According to Funar, Romania's president addressing the Parliament on November 22 should requests the senators and deputies' permission to stage a referendum on the autonomy of the regions largely populated with Hungarians.

Funar added that the result should be then sent to the European forums, to let them know "that the Romanian people do not desire autonomy for Tinutul Secuiesc". PRM went on to suggest that the chiefs of Romania's intelligence services and Romania's general prosecutor should inform the Parliament on the "actions organised by Hungary and UDMR regarding Romania's territorial destabilisation".

Funar said that the referendum will make the voting rate increase from 25% to 95%. Funar added that in the 2002 referendum, only 284 people in the region declared themselves as Hungarian. "How can you possibly build a country with 284?", Funar concluded.  

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