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The European Magistrates Association Forum asks Romania's President to mediate the conflict with the Executive

de R.P. transl/adapt. C.B.
Luni, 14 septembrie 2009, 16:56 English | Politics

The European Magistrates Association Forum from Romania (FAMER) sent an open letter to Romania's incumbent president Traian Basescu, requesting him to mediate the "conflict with the executive power".

  • "As you summoned the Supreme Council of Magistrates (n.b. CSM) to take the measures of ceasing the magistrates' protests, you have become part of this conflict (...) already making decisions publicly on a crisis situation, outside the constitutional mandate which we believe that you don't intend to exercise anyway", the Famer letter reads, published by Stiri Juridice.

The forum makes an appeal to the President to leave aside personal issues and to pay attention to the judges' independence, "which is already condemned to remain only a formal principle". With a background full of interests, scandals, where everybody talks about "public accusations and contestations, the aggressed magistrates, a dishonoured judicial power and constitutional principles perverted in a hallucinating democratic and constitutional regress", the magistrates ask Traian Basescu for the following:

  • "to exercise your constitutional power, in the limits allowing you impartiality, to mediate the conflict with the executive power to make credible the existence of democracy and of the rightful state which founded Romania's adherence to the European Union, itself based on these international democratic values, and also on the international documents addressing the independence of the judicial power, which Romania signed as well but hasn't so far applied."

"One thing is certain. Above the magistrates, there can't be anything. Or it can, but we haven't realised it yet."

The FAMER survey comes three days after President Traian Basescu sent The Superior Magistrates' Council a letter, urging them "to take all measures to stop the judges and prosecutors' protest".

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