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Romania - one of the most inactive EU states when taking position on European legislative proposals

de R.P. transl/adapt. C.B.
Luni, 14 septembrie 2009, 19:05 English | Politics

Romanian parliamentarians do not raise any comment when faced with any project issued by the European Parliament. The conclusion is listed in the most recent European Commission data regarding the state members' activity on taking position on a legislative proposal made by the EC.

According to EU observer, the most active country is Portugal, who sent Brussels 102 comments and position taking documents regarding the EU law projects within the last three years. At the other pole, there is Romania, Spain and Malta, who did not send back any comment.

On the list of the most active legislative forums are France - with 58 submissions in 2006, Germany - 48, Sweden - 44 and Great Britain - 39. From the ex-communist countries that joined the EU in 2004, the Czech republic is the most active, with 41 submissions.

Introduced during the last three years, the system implies that the national parliaments of the EU member states send the legislative proposals and consultative documents themselves to the European Commission.

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