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UPDATE (6:54 PM) The Government takes responsibility for a three law pack / 20 Social Democrats and Liberal Parliamentarians boycott the meeting 

de A.C.
Marţi, 15 septembrie 2009, 18:12 English | Politics

UPDATE 6:54PM The third Parliamentar meeting on the law on the reorganization of governmental agencies ended. The President's address to the Parliament follows.

Representatives of the National Education Federation protested during the PM's speech, urging for the resignation of the government

he meetings for the education and unique salary scheme law ended.

PM Emil Boc talks about the unique salary scheme law: the lack of such a law allowed the existence of special laws for certain categories which created inequalities and injustice. It is time to organize the budgetary system.

  PM Emil Boc: Children's textbooks will contain less information. As eight graders pass to the ninth grade, high schools have the liberty to decide their own selection methods: based on previous grades or by tests. The Baccalaureate will only have three subjects of which Romanian language is mandatory

UPDATE 5:06 PM PM Emil Boc: The education law will take some time to be implemented. One of its objectives is to learn how to study. At this time, the accent is to accumulate information not competency.

UPDATE 5PM PM Emil Boc presents some of the content of the new education law

UPDATE 4:57PM Emil Boc addresses the Parliament and presents the stand of the government. He says that the government's main objective is to overcome the crisis and reform the state. He declared that the current government is ready to take on the reforms which no other politicians took in the last 20 years.

UPDATE 4:53 PM 20 Social Democratic Parliamentarians together with Conservative Parliamentarians leave the Parliament as a form of protest against the education law.

UPDATE 4:50 PM Liberal Party leader Crin Antonescu is the first to address the Parliament and criticizes the government's decision not to organize a Parliamentary debate on the laws even if the government holds a 70% majority in the Parliament.

UPDATE 4:47 The Parliamentary session starts.

Emil Boc's government is due to take responsibility in front of the Parliament on three controversial law pack: the education law, the law on the unique salary scheme and the law ruling the organization of the governmental agencies. The meeting is due to start at 4pm. 

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