20 years of deceitful transition stop, after 45 years of Communist stop here, Bucharest mayor Sorin Oprescu declared on Monday as he launched his official candidacy for President. Follow his main declarations in the article

Here are Oprescu's most important declarations:

  • Romania is comanded by politicians
  • There were so many irregularities in the past 20 years that it is hard and useless to remind each one of them
  • We all can notice that the population is confused, the purchase power of the national currency drops and people are dominated by tomorrow's worries
  • We are in this situation because politicians in the country failed - since 1989 until today
  • Politicians ruined all the wishes of their voters
  • Boc 1 government fought six months for positions in ministries and in the end transformed their fight for power and money in our problem. They failed to take into account the people
  • You do not exist for them, but you exist for me
  • I as a father, grandfather, doctor cannot take it anylonger
  • Most people have had enough, cannot affiliate with an ideology while leaders of political parties leave in their own little world far from the people they need to represent
  • We need a new start and we must not be scared of it
  • In my image of Romania, no one will have the right to humiliate the people
  • It is our chance to change the country, we do not have to miss it, we need to do this for our children, so that Romania can be reborn.

On the other hand, in 2008, in December, Oprescu declared for HotNews.ro that it would be an act of cowardice to leave the city hall for Cotroceni, as President. He said that he will not run for President in 2009 so that he will not upset the citizens in Bucharest who voted for him.