The governing Democratic Liberal Party (PDL) was submitted at the Constitutional Court a complaint about the constitutionality of a censure motion introduced by opposition party against the Government. The court is due to debate the issue on Monday as sources told that the government considers resignation should the motion be declared constitutional.

PDL representatives say the initiators of the latest motion censure - representatives of the Liberals (PNL) and Hungarian Democrats (UDMR) have introducted two such motions during this session of the Parliament. And they say elements of the first motion, which was rejected last month, can be read in the second motion as well.

This, the governing party says, would be against the letter of the Romanian Constitution.

Should the PDL call on the Constitutional Court be rejected, the motion would be debated and voted in the Parliament on Tuesday.

But top PDL sources have told that the Government led by PM Emil Boc considers resignation before the motion censure be discussed, should the court decide the motion constitutional.