Romania's Constitutional Court has rejected a complaint of non-constitutionality submitted by the governing Democratic Liberals (PDL) on a censure motion due to be voted in the Parliament. The Court said it did not have the task to control the constitutionality of censure motions. That means the motion will be voted in Parliament on Tuesday.

The decision was taken unanimously.

The judges said that constitutional provisions and other legislation would not justify a Court decision to control the constitutionality of censure motions.

PDL has submitted a complaint at the Constitutional Court about a censure motion tabled by opposition Liberals (PNL) and Hungarian Democrats (UDMR) against the PDL government. PDL argued it was the second such motion tabled on similar arguments of the two parties within the same parliamentary session, which would be unconstitutional.

The Court decision allows the motion be discussed and voted in Parliament on Tuesday, October 13.