The mayor of Sibiu city Klaus Johannis said on Tuesday before a motion of censure led to the fall of Democratic Liberal Government of Emil Boc that he was ready to hold talks to take over as prime minister, should the Government fall. It was the first time that Johannis admitted he was interested for such a change. Following the Tuesday vote and the fall of the Boc Government, Liberal party leaders re-affirmed their proposal to support Johannis for prime minister.

Johannis told Romanian news agency NewsIn he had held talks on the issue and that he was available to discuss becoming prime minister, should the government fall.

Liberal leaders on Monday had approved unanimously a proposal of party president Crin Antonescu to support Klaus Johannis to lead a new government.

A motion of censure against the Boc government was adopted by the Parliament on Tuesday, making Emil Boc's team the first cabinet to fall because of such a motion in post-communist Romania.