Consultations have begun at the Presidential Palace after a censure motion against the Government run by Emil Boc was passed in the Parliament on Tuesday. The first to be invited for consultations were the representatives of the national minorities, followed by Hungarian Democrats (UDMR) and Liberals (PNL). "We offered the President an independent prime minister - that is Klaus Johannis", the mayor of Sibiu city, Liberal leader Crin Antonescu said.

Key statements made by consulted politicians at the Presidency:

Varujan Pambuccian, national minorities:

  • once the Government fell by motion of censure, our promise about the existing government is over
  • we showed availability to support any stable formula for a government
  • there are three options for the moment: an interim government until presidential elections take place, which would be the worst but also constitutionally correct option; the establishment of a new government based on a political majority; and a technocratic government

UDMR leader Marko Bela:

  • as an initiator of the motion of censure, I believe we have a responsibility in finding a solution in this difficult electoral period
  • I believe a Government needs a majority support in the Parliament
  • We will continue consultations with other parties. Liberals have proposed Sibiu mayor Klaus Johannis. This would be a viable proposal

PNL leader Crin Antonescu:

  • we had thought about a solution before the fall of the government
  • we propose Sibiu mayor Klaus Johannis for prime minister. This is a proposal we'd discuss with the other parties, including PDL (the governing party of Emil Boc)
  • we try to establish a parliamentary majority to come with this proposal to the Presidency
  • Johannis' political independence is guaranteed

Ex-PM Emil Boc announced that Democrat Liberals are interested to continue the structural reforms of the state

The Social Democrats have announced they would not attend consultations with President Traian Basescu today.