Traian Basescu has officially submitted his candidacy for the presidential elections, on Wednesday. In his visit to the Central Electoral Bureau he was accompanied by Emil Boc, Teodor Stolojan, Elena Udrea, Anca Boagiu, Gheorghe Flutur and Adriean Videanu.

Basescu said his second candidacy was absolutely responsible and necessary after his first mandate. He claimed that he would have been proven coward had he not decided to candidate for a second mandate.

He admitted to not fulfilling his project in his first mandate and said. According to Basescu, Romania should not be left on the hands of the Grivco Alliance. His programme, said to be a programme that a president alone cannot fulfil it, will be made public after the start of the electoral campaign.

He stated that the number of public clerks needs to be reduce and that he has to convince the international institutions to continue financing Romania. He insisted that there would be a referendum for the a single-chambered Parliament on the presidential elections day.