The main runners for Romania's presidency pity the fact that Romania hasn't got a post-accession strategy. All of them consider the relationship with the republic of Moldova, Romania's role in the EU and a better regional positioning. Antonescu (PNL) clearly expresses his preference for a federal Europe and in favour of Turkey's accession. Basescu's programme lacks his famous “Washington - London – Bucharest” axe. Geoana (PSD) wants pragmatic relationships with China, Russia, India and Brazil. Oprescu (independent) promises not to mingle in the Republic of Moldova's inner affairs.

Crin Antonescu (PNL)

Crin Antonescu's programme is the vastest of all and has a complex approach to Romania's politics inside the EU, in the region and worldwide.

He noted that Romania does not have a strategy for the post-accession period, "which could constitute the Romanian foreign policy's fundament". He also blames the fact that Romania is the only EU state which has two representatives in the European Council, due to the ambiguities in the prerogatives of the president and PM. He considers that the relationships with Moldova and Ukraine have failed, which is also the case for the "Washington - London - Bucharest" axe.

Antonescu's programmes refers also to the new global context of the terrorist threats, the need for energy security and the fight with climate change in a world dominated by the economic crisis.

Traian Basescu (PD-L)

His current programme does not have a chapter for Romania's foreign affairs, but the issue is touched in the paragraphs dedicated to competitiveness and "the EU benefits".

Basescu seems to propose a pragmatic approach to diplomacy, focused on Romania's economic interests: the foreign affairs politics needs to become an increasingly major tool to promote mainly Romania's economic interests worldwide".

Mircea Geoana (PSD)

The ex-Foreign Affairs minister focuses his political vision on Romania's EU membership: "Just as our project has been the integration in Occident for the past two decades, the project for the next 20 years is to stabilise an influential, modern, prosperous, confident Romania (...)"

Sorin Oprescu

Bucharest's actual mayor does not dedicate too many pages to Foreign Affairs, but touches everything that his rivals have mentioned. Additionally, he also wants Romania to serve the interests of the Romanian Diaspora. Regarding Moldova, Oprescu says Romania will be a loyal neighbour and not interfere in its internal affairs.