Four non-governmental NGOs - Pro Democratia Association, the Centre for Judicial Resources, Transparency Romania and The Agency for Press Monitoring - request that the People's Attorney notifies the Constitutional Court about the referendum for a single chambered Parliament and the cut in MP seats, Romanian press agency Mediafax informs.

The four NGOs accuse that by calling the referendum on the same day with presidential elections there is the risk of going against article 57 from the Constitution, addressing exercising the rights and liberties, according to which "Romanian citizens, foreign citizens and the stateless need to exercise their constitutional rights and liberties in good faith, without breaching others' rights and liberties".

The NGOs representatives claim that it is only the president that can call the referendum, but in the current situation Traian Basescu has got an advantage, bearing in mind that he called the referendum and, at the same time, he is also running for presidency. Plus, he's featured both on the electoral campaign and on the referendum lists.

The NGOs say that in this way there could be inequity towards the other candidates.