The main strategy considered by the Social Democratic Party and the Liberal Party for tomorrow's vote in the Parliament to decide the faith of the Croitoru government is to postpone the vote by not being there, political sources declared for If there will be less than 236 Parliamentarians tomorrow, the vote will be postponed for lack of quorum. The scope of the opposition parties is to block incumbent President Traian Basescu during the Presidential campaign and postpone the appointment of a new PM.

There are a total of 471 Senators and Deputies and the legal quorum needed is 236, meaning a majority plus one. To pass, Croitoru's government needs 236 votes. At the moment, he is sustained by the Democrat Liberals, who only have 172 Parliamentarians.

Liberal Party sources declared for that they plan to advise their colleagues not to attend the vote. Social Democrats announce that they will not endorse Croitoru but that their Parliamentarians might be in the room for the vote.

Despite the political blockage, an IMF delegation is currently in Bucharest. Even with economic pressures, political parties are determined to refuse to sustain Croitoru. Liberal leader Ludovic Orban declared that his party will not support Croitoru.

Moreover, Hungarian Democrats announced that they will not vote for Croitoru and that they will still endorse Klaus Iohannis, the candidate supported by them initially.

According to the Constitution, if the appointed government will be rejected in the Parliament, the President can nominate another PM. Sources within the Social Democratic Party said that they would want a second government to be voted after Presidential elections due on November 22nd.

It is not clear if incumbent President Basescu will appoint a second PM if the Croitoru government does not pass in the Parliament. According to the Constitution, if the second PM is not validated in the Parliament, there will be elections.

There are multiple scenarios before Presidential elections and most are discussed internally in each party.