"I invited all parliamentary parties to negotiate at 5 pm", the newly designated PM Liviu Negoita said today. He asserted that he wished to create a national union Government and that the negotiations will last for three days. On Monday, the list featuring the new Cabinet will be submitted to the Parliament.

PSD, PNL and UDMR announced that the parties will not take part at the negotiations announced by the designated PM.

Liviu Negoita's statements:

  • Romania needs a Government with full prerogatives.
  • The state budget law needs to be adopted urgently.
  • The governing programme was written by Lucian Croitoru, it was submitted to the Parliament and I take responsibility for it.
  • It is a food governing programme, for which other political forces in Romania have also taken responsibility when they were governing.
  • I have been designated backed according to the Constitution, I will note in the parliament if I am supported by the majority.
  • My Government will be political because the political class needs to take responsibility for getting the country out of the crisis. The structure of the Government will be created after debates with the parties.
  • If I cannot form a national union Government, I will play the majority card, and then one formed by PDL.